Ep 63: Artist Jaci Musec

Jaci Music paints abstract landscapes filled with symbols open to a surplus of interpretations...but she never really intended to...

Jaci's story is one of an artist whose creativity was borne out of her pain. After numerous years of sorrow, frustration, and longsuffering from infertility she began to paint simply for the sake of her own personal health. You might say she painted to survive. But in the years that have passed Jaci has transformed her story into a growing body of work layered with thick meaning. She has her own studio at the Studios on Sheridan off of Main St. in Peoria, Illinois and she is beginning to speak to others about how allowing ourselves to create and make art leads to our healing. You can find out more about Jaci at: http://www.capturedandreclaimed.com/
Check out the end of the article for more examples of Jaci's work.

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