PCR Podcast Episode 09: Caleb J Kruse on Rich Mullins and His Book "Meeting Rich"

Episode 09 of the PostConsumer Reports podcast features author Caleb J Kruse in a discussion about his new book Meeting Rich.

In the fall of 1997, Rich Mullins, in the midst of touring and recording for Mitch McVicker's debut album in Elgin, Illinois, needed a place for him and his band to stay. Through a set of circumstances and acquaintances, Mullins ended up staying at Caleb's house. His new book Meeting Rich documents the three weeks Mullins was there, which just so happen to be the three weeks leading up to his death in a car accident on Interstate 39 in Illinois. You can stream the interview here (or on itunes) and also make sure to check below where you can watch the full concert Mullins put on in Caleb's house. It's pretty lo-fi but it is also mesmerizing and haunting in context.

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(I told you I was obsessed)


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I'm Obsessed with Rich Mullins too.

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