BONUS Ep: Family Worship Tips with Pastor Dan Leman

As a bonus to our previous episode with Pastor Dan Leman on worship in the church, Dan returns briefly this time to offer insight and practical steps for how to worship, pray, and read Scripture together as a family.

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Sermon: Rhythms in the Liturgy Part 1—Word & Deed

Alternate Title: What to do when the repetition of the liturgy bores you or starts driving you crazy.

This is the second sermon in a series of three. The first sermon can be found here:
The Rhythm is Gonna Get You—Rhythm's in the Liturgy: Word & Table

In the first few days after starting seminary I distinctly remember running into the above work of art while needing to go downstairs to visit some staff member for one of those mundane tasks you are required to fulfill in the registration process. I chatted with the librarian, accomplished my task, and then lingered outside his office just looking at the work. It was titled The Sermon. Next to it were hung other works by the same artist, those entitled Daniel Among the Lions and The Prodigal Son, but this particular work grabbed me, demanding my attention. 


Album Review: Fernando Ortega's "The Crucifixion of Jesus"

Last week I was able to interview Fernando Ortega for the PostConsumer Reports Podcast. This week I am featuring a review of his new album The Crucifixion of Jesus, which you can order at his website: www.fernandoortega.com. You can listen to our interview here:

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It's been six years since Fernando Ortega last released an album, and his new work The Crucifixion of Jesus finds him creating music in mainly the same vein as he has been for the past decade. And yet this new collection finds the New Mexican singer-songwriter beginning to paint on a much larger canvas. As we have come to expect from Ortega, this album features a gorgeous collection of hymn re-tunings and spiritual songs, but Ortega is now 60 and you can tell he feels mortality weighing on his bones. 


Ep 52: Fernando Ortega on "The Crucifixion of Jesus"

Episode 52 features an interview with musician and composer Fernando Ortega, who releases his newest album The Crucifixion of Jesus on August 4, 2017, which is available to purchase at his website: http://www.fernandoortega.com/. Our talk runs the gamut of topics, from politics in the American church, his love of bird watching, the tension between performing and worship leading, as well as an in depth look at the songs and making of the new album. On top of all that I also get to ask him about his family's history in America and whether or not he's concerned the new album might be considered "too Catholic" by some.

You can stream the episode below.
Crucifixion by Nikolai Ge, as mentioned by Fernando

I have written a number of articles about Fernando over the years, including a brief interview, which you can find here:
Worship Leader Death Match!: Fernando Ortega vs. Matt Redman
Interview: Fernando Ortega on Come Down Oh Love Divine
Arriving Late to the Party #1: Fernando Ortega
Why I Listen to Fernando Ortega
Singing Over Our Children (songs from Rich Mullins, Michael Card, and Fernando Ortega)

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Ep 51: Pastor Dan Leman on rural ministry, being a young pastor, and getting beyond the worship wars

Three years ago my long time friend Pastor Dan Leman and I sat down to have a long chat about the Church's worship. Dan is the lead pastor of Faith Evangelical Free Church in Germantown Hills, Illinois (http://faithefree.net/). It's taken a while, but I am finally sharing our conversation. The main point of our talk is "What exactly is the point of us meeting together to worship?" We go in-depth into that subject, while also discussing Dan's context as a rural pastor, and whether or not he gets respect being a "young" pastor. Last winter Dan and I had another podcast episode which you can view here. That time the topic was sex...

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10 Epically Long Delirious Songs

As I continue to highlight my recent interview with Stu G, I have decided to share one more list of Delirious? songs with everyone. You can listen to the interview here:

As a fan, over the years I came to expect a few basic things from a new Delirious? album:
1.) a song or two for my church to sing during worship (which didn't happen much towards the end, to be honest).
2.) some killer guitar work from Stu G.
3.) incredible pop/rock anthems
4.) stellar vocal work from Martin Smith, and
5.) at least one epically long song


SERMON: The Rhythm is Gonna Get You—Sundays: Word & Table

Last week, (through Fr. Gregg) we spoke of primary rhythm of life:
resting and working
working from out of rest
Sabbathing and laboring
abiding and going out
being pruned back and growing in fruitfulness

Back and forth the rhythm goes...like a pendulum...


10 Delirious? Songs Of Pure Pop/Rock Genius

Last week I got to interview Delirious? guitarist Stu G about his new album, book, and film, called Beatitudes. You can listen to the interview here:

It is also worth noting that Delirious? frontman and songwriter Martin Smith has a new band called Army of Bones and they just put out their new album. They are definitely worth a listen. Here are all of their associated websites:

In honor of these Delirious?-related projects I've decided to pay homage to one of my all time favorite bands by looking back at their best tracks. My first article featured 8 songs where Stu G "melted our faces off," and this current article will feature 10 tracks of pure pop/rock genius from Delirious?


8 Times Stu G Melted Our Faces Off

Yesterday I posted the 50th episode of the PostConsumer Reports podcast featuring an interview with Stu G on his new Beatitudes project. You can listen to that episode below, subscribe to the podcast on itunes or subscribe on any of a number of podcast apps

Yesterday was also Stu G's birthday and in celebration of his work as a guitarist and artist I wanted to offer 8 great moments from Stu's time with Delirious? I'm calling this "8 Times Stu G Melted Our Faces Off." I have selected one track from each of Delirious?'s albums whose guitars were worthy of that title. I have to admit, I could easily have selected about 5 tracks from each album, but in my opinion these are some of the most face-melting-off guitar tracks from Stu G's career. Enjoy the trip down memory lane or enjoy getting to know one of our great rock guitarists.

"I'm not Ashamed" from Cutting Edge
For those of us who grew up in the church, something just felt different about this mysterious British band who use to call themselves "the Cutting Edge Band". Sure, they sounded an awfully lot like U2, but it also seemed like they were working out their musical voice. "I'm Not Ashamed" isn't the heaviest song in their catalogue but there is a raw, desperate intensity to it, all of which is amplified by Stu G's guitar work in the second half of the song.


Ep 50: Stu G from Delirious on the Beatitudes Project

Stu G became known as the lead guitarist and songwriter for the revolutionary worship band Delirious? but after years of touring with other artists and logging lots of time as a studio musician, Stu finally decided to take on a passion project long in gestation: a multimedia work based off of The Beatitudes, the opening words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. It started out as a set of songs but then soon grew into a book and a film, all based in Jesus' bold proclamations of blessing for God's people. So, we're celebrating the 50th episode of PostConsumer Reports Podcast with a landmark interview. I talk with Stu G about the scope of his Beatitudes project as well as about his time in Delirious? You can purchase the album here and the book Words From the Hill here, or you can find out more about the project at Stu G's various websites 

Please check out the end of this article for other recent interviews with Stu G, as well as other PostConsumer Reports podcast episodes and articles related to worship and Church culture.

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